Morgan Stanley Draws Ire From Leaked Internal Video

Posted by RJ & Makay on February 24, 2015

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Morgan Stanley Draws Ire From Leaked Internal Video

February 24, 2015

Does someone have an ax to grind?

Morgan Stanley tried to have a little fun with an internal video, so they made a parody of The Hunger Games series, applying internal jargon and inside jokes to the storyline.

The video--which was never released, or shown internally--has backfired. There have been reports that the 10 minute video cost a handsome chunk of change--allegedly $100,000--and includes some shoddy green screen technology, and some of the worst acting this side of Showgirls.

The criticism has been harsh, and it has been widespread. It scratched the surface in trending stories, and was featured in InvestmentNews, The Inquistr, Business Insider, NY Post, Fox Business, ValueWalk, Market Watch,and Deal Breaker. Yes, these are just a few of the outlets that either hated the video, loved to hate it or are simply perplexed by its existence.

In all fairness, the harsh criticism may be a little undue, considering it was a comedy project designed to rally the management troops at Morgan Stanley, and only at Morgan Stanley. Still, one has to consider the nature of the video, and the fact that it is making light of people being “killed” aka fired or laid off by using the dog-eat-dog parallel of The Hunger Games.

It's easy to understand why the wirehouse firm chose not to release the video—there were concerns from human resources for a multitude of reasons, and there's the harsh reality that some of the people in the video are no longer with the firm due to "eliminations."

Morgan Stanley is trying to figure out who leaked the video. After watching the video... the leak might have been the guy in the lower right hand corner of the video at 2m48s throwing up the “finger guns” instead of the Mockingjay signal—or perhaps the fella behind him, who looks like he's saluting the Third Reich. They both look uncomfortably angry with their employer.

If you didn't see the video, follow the source link below, and enjoy. 

Article Source | Mason Braswell | InvestmentNews

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