RJ&Makay has an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau



  • How do I get my resume into the RJ & Makay database?

    Just press the "upload my resume" button on the right side of any of the primary pages of this website.

  • Who is RJ and who is Makay?

    RJ and Makay are the names of the son and daughter of the Founder and CEO.

  • Where did your registered tagline human capital for the capital markets come from?

    There was a lot of thought that went into our tagline besides having one that had a nice ring to it. The term "human capital" has been around for over 230 years. The term and concept of human capital was created by Adam Smith, the legendary economist and father of capitalism. The term "human capital" was discussed in Smith's 1776 book: Wealth of Nations. This publication is considered by many to be one of the most influential books on economics ever written.

  • Where can I go to learn more about financial words and terms?

    Try Investor Words or the Forbes Financial Glossary. Investopedia.com has a list of financial buzz word definitions.

  • Does RJ & Makay have a green policy?

    Yes we do. RJ & Makay is and always has been committed to sound environmental stewardship. RJ & Makay has maintained an environmentally friendly corporate structure since our inception. We're proud to have been a pioneering environmental leader in the executive search industry. We have taken great care to incorporate and follow policies in which promote the health, safety and the well-being of our workplace and our environment. These values originate at our executive management level and are emphasized through all levels of responsibility within our organization.

  • Why so much focus on Financial Advisors?

    We've been a leading Financial Advisor recruiting firm since 2004 and have grown to become the largest Financial Advisor recruiting firm in the nation.

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  • What are your fees to help a jobseeker?

    We never charge jobseekers for our services. Our clients pay our fee for successful placements.

  • How do I apply for a position you have?

    Click on the red OPEN POSITIONS tab at the top right portion of any page, select the position, apply. Or, you can email your resume to resume@rjandmakay.com.

  • I've applied to an open position, why haven't I heard anything back?

    First, we do apologize for that. We receive hundreds of resumes per day/week (depending) and it is logistically impossible for us to personally respond to every submission. However, if you are in our database then when we search for qualified candidates for new positions we receive, and you're a potential fit, we will be calling you.

  • Are all of your available positions listed in open positions link?

    No. Many of the positions we conduct searches for are confidential searches that we don't even post on our own site. This is why the jobseekers who have a profile in our database have a much stronger advantage in getting contacted about an opportunity. We always start there first.

  • Why should I be in your database?

    Our proprietary database is confidential and your contact information is never sold to anyone. Our database is the most utilized sourcing resource we have. Many of the positions we search for aren't listed on our site. Remember for most recruiting firm databases, robust key words and position titles are critical to getting pulled up in search results for database searches.

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  • Are you a retained or contingency firm?

    We provide retained and contingency services as well as hourly recruiting options.

  • How can you help with our diversity hiring goals?

    Our designated diversity recruiting research and sourcing team (all of which are certified diversity recruiters) have been an instrumental asset for our clients who are proactively seeking out diversity candidates to join their firms. We are committed to building a diverse network of candidates by attracting the top talent from across all segments. We want to be the recruiting firm of choice within an increasingly multicultural pool of talent to better serve our candidates and clients.

  • What market sectors does RJ & Makay provide recruiting services?

    Asset Management, Institutional Brokerages, RIA, Hedge Fund Management, Trade Clearing and Settlement, Institutional Asset Management, Online Retail Brokerages, Mutual Fund Management, Retail Brokerages, Retail Asset Management, Trade Facilitation, Retirement and Pension Management, Transaction, Credit and Collections, Benefits Administration, Insurance, TPAs, Credit Insurance, Investment Banking, Life Insurance, Investment Firms, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance, Quantitative Analytics, Reinsurance, Credit Services, Accounting, Lending, Risk Management, Wealth Advisory, Surety Insurance, Currency, Commodity and Futures, Custodial and Trust Services, Trading, Private Banking, Equity Trading, Regional Banks and Thrifts, Fixed Income Trading and Superregional Banks.

  • What are the position practices RJ & Makay provides executive search services?

    Executive & Management, Legal & Compliance, Information Technology, Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, Underwriting, Operations, Claims, Back Office, Actuarial, Administration, Custody, Analyst, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Investment Advisory, Trading, Human Resources and Wealth Management.

  • How is RJ & Makay different from other financial staffing firms?

    RJ & Makay® is a leading human capital recruiting and consulting firm exclusively servicing the financial sector. This is our Core Competence. Financial services is all we do. About half of the financial firms in the Fortune Top 100 utilize or have utilizes RJ & Makay.

  • RJ & Makay is frequently called upon for our insight and views. We've often been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNBC, Dow Jones, CNN Money, MarketWatch, Reuters, MSN Money, Investment News, Wall Street Letter, IDD, FundFire, Banking Industry Today, and hundreds of business journals and newspaper publications.

    RJ & Makay aims to provide the best talent to our clients, our experience and passion for what we do will leave you with the best impression of the services and solutions we provide.

  • Can you help me fill a position where you don't have an office?

    Yes. We recruit on a national basis and regularly fill remote positions nationally.

  • How can I be sure RJ & Makay will address my needs?

    Through our stringent screening process we handle hundreds of interviews monthly for our current select clients. We've built an impressive proprietary database comprised of exactly the passive and poised candidates our clients are looking for. With our exclusive focus on the financial sector we have the expertise, relationships and resources to find the right candidate.

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Financial Advisors, Investment Advisors, Wealth Advisors, Financial Planners

  • I'm happy where I'm at so why should I talk to RJ & Makay?

    The fact that your happy where you are is the best reason you should be speaking to us. Our clients actually prefer to speak to advisors who are happy where they're at but poised for a better opportunity. Coming from a position of strength is a perfect time to do due diligence on your available options.

  • How can RJ & Makay help me?

    We provide you with the experience, knowledge and scope of the leading Financial Advisor recruiting firm anywhere. We act as your advocate, at no cost to you, to match you with the right firm, help facilitate the process and help maximize the best deal possible. We invite you to contact us to have a casual but confidential conversation.

  • Does RJ & Makay only work for specific firms?

    We are independent recruiters having recruiting agreements with many of the premier firms in their respective categories (wirehouse/IBD/RIAs/banks/etc.). If you are interested in speaking to a firm we do not currently represent we can still typically represent you or connect you with our affiliate partners.

  • Who pays your fee and how does that affect my deal?

    The hiring firm gladly pays our fees. RJ & Makay never charges an advisor (or any candidate) any fee or charge whatsoever.

  • What are the deals looking like?

    The top deals for top FAs are still hovering around historic highs. We're seeing deals in excess of 330% for 1st quintile advisors with the right business mix and compliance history. There are many firms right now willing to offer advisors a competitive transition package. The size of the packages vary with the firm, your business makeup, sometimes the geography and of course, with what your production level is. We're happy to discuss the very latest offerings and opportunities with you.

  • How do I know what kinds of deals I qualify for?

    The transition packages advisors are receiving can depend on a host of factors including: AUM, quintile ranking, revenues, kind of business, how many firms you have been with, reputation, compliance history and more.

  • What should I be considering in contemplating a move?

    We believe making a career move is one of the most important professional decisions you'll ever make. Our advice is to consider these three primary questions:

    1. What's best for your clients?
    2. What's best for your family?
    3. What's best for your practice's well-being?

    A primary part of our job is to help you through the due diligence and process of determining the right answers to these questions with you at this point in time.

  • Why shouldn't I just approach the manager direct?

    There are many reasons why an advisor shouldn't go directly to the manager but here are the two main ones:

    1. Going direct removes you from a position of negotiating strength. You approached the manager. When it comes to your deal he or she knows they would not likely have to offer you the same deal than someone they were "chasing after." The manager's boss will also know you approached the firm and not the other way around. What is their incentive (from their perspective) to give you the highest deal they're actually able to?
    2. We're free and act as your advocate so why would you go direct? Seriously though, we don't cost you a dime while simultaneously helping you evaluate all options and to maximize the deal you receive. We know how deals (including the creative ones) are being structured across the country that could directly benefit the deal put together for you. We help you compare, evaluate and help facilitate the process. We help to maximize your transition package and help you through being your professional advocate.
  • I'm going to retire soon. I'm looking for an exit strategy. What are my options?

    You have several attractive options available. We can help you evaluate the different selling opportunities and sunset deals being offered. There are new offerings that aren't readily known which we can discuss with you.

  • Do you have opportunities that provide warm leads?

    We do. We have several. Contact us to discuss various investment management firms, bank broker dealer options, RIAs (with lead programs) and other options.

  • Are there opportunities for non-producing complex, branch, and sales managers?

    Unfortunately, not many. Due to the management consolidations in the last few years between firms such as Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Wachovia and Wells Fargo there is considerably more supply of available managers than demand. We know of regional B/Ds, large RIAs and investment management firms who are looking to upgrade their talent pool.

  • Can I switch firms if I'm in current arbitration?

    This depends and would be looked at on a case-by-case basis. However, as a general rule, it's not the best time to be trying to move. Most firms will want resolution to the arbitration before you join their firm (and bring your arbitration with you). We can help you determine the prudence of starting the process now or later.

  • I want to move but I'm still under contract on my last deal. What are my options?

    First of all let us share with you that you're not alone. There aren't many options outside of repaying the un-forgiven portion of the deal your on. It would depend on what kind of new deal we're able to get for you and what your balance would be after. Although this is just one of many considerations we would be happy to discuss your situation so we can help you better make an informed decision.

  • I have a few compliance dings. Will that hurt me?

    It could. It depends on how many you have, the size of the claims, the outcomes, and of course the circumstances of the compliance issue(s). If you are concerned about how your compliance history may affect your career move please contact us. We can answer basic questions on this although any detailed inquiries should be directed to an experienced securities attorney.

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Careers at RJ & Makay

  • What opportunities are there to work with RJ & Makay?

    We have several. Please check out our CAREERS tab for job descriptions.

  • Does RJ & Makay have different compensation models to choose from?

    Yes. We used to be more rigid in our compensation model choices but we now have options for most of our recruiting team. Pay per appointment, straight commission, bonuses and more are available. Many of our recruiters are eligible for weekly and monthly bonus gifts as well.

  • How focused is RJ & Makay on diversity hiring?

    Diversity just isn't a buzz word at RJ & Makay, it is our very culture. More than 50% of our professionals in total at RJ & Makay are female, a minority, or both. We know how critical it is to have an inclusive workforce in today's diverse, multicultural environment.

  • What about the negative reports I've read on the Internet about RJ & Makay?

    Most everything we've seen is un-informed posters who are guessing or assuming nonfactual information to be true. We have an A rating by legitimate organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

  • Why doesn't RJ & Makay respond more aggressively to scam accusations?

    We've stopped posting responses to these sites because each time we do it pushes the ranking of the post even higher. If any serious accusation were true we would not be a leading and highly respected financial services human capital consulting and recruiting firm. These sites are low traffic sites with high Google rankings. It hasn't slowed down our ability to bring in top clients and recruiting professionals to our ranks. Our clients (household names) and our candidates know the truth and that's the most important factor to us. Since our inception no one has ever filed a complaint against us with the BBB or sued us for any reason.

  • How do I know your recruiting positions isn't some sort of scam like anonymous people on some chat boards have claimed?

    Firstly, we are a top recruiting and consulting firm for many household names in the financial sector. These firms are extremely cautious with who they work with and do due diligence on key contractor partners. We would not be able to have the clientele or success we've had since 2004 if we were a scam in any shape or form. We are always perplexed that people who have never worked with us will post on a chat board that we must be some kind of scam. Our contractors or employees NEVER pay us anything. We don't charge employees or independent contractors to work with us in any way, shape or form. Most of our contractors can work on multiple commission options we have available including pay per appointment, placement bonuses, full commission or even a combination thereof. The primary "scam" item we've seen about RJ & Makay out there centers around email marketing directed to prospective new advisors. This is what happened: someone posted their resume on Monster. We reviewed the resume and thought they might make a fit as a new financial advisor. We sent them an email describing the Financial Advisor opportunity and if they were interested to contact us. This person then posted our letter on a scam site declaring that this action somehow constitutes a scam. A recruiting firm contacting a jobseeker that just posted their resume on a job board about a job opportunity we have (which pays a nice salary plus commissions and a generous benefits package by the way) is not a scam. We had a couple of other "scam" reports in the last few years about simple customer service issues that in no way constituted a scam. Now, when you Google us, these results unfortunately now appear as "top" search results over the hundreds of articles and publications we have written or contributed to.

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