Broker Dealers

Recruiting financial advisors

Recruiting quality financial advisors in needed quantities is a critical challenge for any broker dealer. The recruiting landscape has never been more competitive and broker dealers face a host of challenges in meeting their annual net new hiring goals.

Even with a recruiting budget that allows for third party recruiting vendors, it's difficult to generate enough quality flow from most recruiting firms to make a significant difference in advisors recruited.

The financial advisor recruiting firm industry is fragmented and dominated by mom and pop shops. The vast majority of these have less than a handful of employees. This makes it difficult if not impossible for many firms to make a significant quantity/quality impact for new clients as most firms struggle to provide quantity of quality advisor leads for their existing clients.

RJ & Makay is the financial advisor recruiting solution for broker dealers that don't have the luxury of rolling the dice and hoping for the best. If your firm needs guaranteed quantity of quality financial advisors, then RJ & Makay is uniquely positioned to deliver.

Our scale and capacity enables us to facilitate our proprietary financial advisor recruiting solutions. We're not the cheapest firm for hire and we don't work for free, but, if you have the budget and demand for hiring, though are struggling to find a recruiting partner that can actually make it happen, then contact us.

RJ & Makay bullets:

  • Largest financial advisor recruiting firm
  • We maintain a national broker call list that is updated weekly
  • Proprietary national financial advisor recruiting system
  • We speak to approximately 1,000 financial advisors every week
  • We consistently facilitate hundreds of financial advisor introductions to our client firms each month.