Financial Advisors

RJ & Makay is a leading financial advisor recruiting and consulting firm. We hope to have a conversation with you to discuss and evaluate your options and compare opportunities. Even if you're not actively looking to change firms right now, we'll gladly share our insights and expertise about the current recruiting environment, the types of transition packages other firms are offering, and how you can take your financial advisor career to the next level.

We can handle transitions for registered reps and advisors in any setting including wirehouse, independents, regionals, banks, insurance, RIAs, hybrid firms, and investment management companies.

RJ & Makay can help if you're a relatively new registered financial advisor looking to take that next step; if you're near your peak; or if you're starting to think about retirement and exit strategies. Of course, anything you discuss with us is completely confidential. So whether you've already committed to making a change or are just looking to get the lay of the land, please don't hesitate to get in touch at any time.

Career options for experienced FAs

There are more options available now than ever to FAs with a transferrable book of business. It's a "seller's market" and firms from all channels are aggressively recruiting financial advisors.

Highlights of the options we represent:


Wirehouses (Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Wells Fargo) offer the most competitive transition packages and most extensive platforms. Deals have evolved drastically over the last several years but most transition packages come with upfront and backend financial incentives. Wirehouses get more than their fair share of negative press but the fact remains that, by a wide margin, most of the top producing financial advisors are at a wirehouse. RJ & Makay is one of a handful of the biggest players in wirehouse financial advisor recruiting.


If you are already in the independent channel or considering "going indie" we can provide invaluable assistance. As one of the leading IBD financial advisor recruiting firms, we serve financial advisors with comprehensive insight and opportunities. There are many options in the independent world and we have a myriad of choices for a financial advisor to consider. RJ & Makay can help you evaluate, consult and facilitate these independent paths:

  • Start your own independent business
  • Join an existing independent business
  • Moving from one IBD to another
  • Start your own fee-only or dually registered RIA
  • Join an existing RIA business


There are hundreds of RIAs right now looking to hire financial advisor "tuck-ins" to their practices. For both investment advisors and registered representatives fee-only and hybrid RIAs across the country are aggressively recruiting. Many RIAs offer niche marketing opportunities and have access to formal custodian lead programs. RJ & Makay can help you join an RIA or start one.


The regional broker-dealer channel has consolidated (and continues to do so) and the landscape has vastly changed in recent years. In 2004 there were about 150 regional broker dealers. Now, there are only about 50 and just a few with over 1,000 advisors. RJ & Makay can share the current regional B-D scenarios and demonstrate how regionals compare to other financial advisor business channels.

Investment management sales

There are many investment management firms looking to hire financial advisors as investment management sales pros. We represent multiple investment firms who are hiring financial advisors as regional salespeople while providing a qualified warm lead environment. In many cases, these firms will schedule your screened client prospecting meetings for the financial advisor. This might be an option to consider if 1) You have a book of less than $50MM; 2) You don't want to be all things to all people; and 3) You want to work with qualified warm leads and receive ongoing residual trails. RJ & Makay can help you examine this and other "out of the box" opportunities.

Bank broker dealer

The bank broker career can be the ideal opportunity for the right financial advisor. Becoming a financial advisor at a bank branch(s) has benefits and drawbacks like other channels. RJ & Makay can help you evaluate bank options pertaining to warm lead opportunities, payouts, platform, culture and client ownership.