For Independent RIA and Business Owners

There are thousands of individual independent and RIA practices looking to hire a quality financial advisor(s). If you're an owner looking to expand through hiring a financial advisor (or more) we can help in ways that few firms can match.

RJ & Makay maps out the current recruiting landscape and shows how your offering matches the big and small firms that you are competing with. We can help you with a realistic assessment of the recruiting potential based upon your individual situation, offering and location.

Our scale and capacity enables us to facilitate our proprietary financial advisor recruiting solutions. We're not the cheapest firm for hire and we don't work for free. But, if you have the budget and demand for hiring, though are struggling to find a recruiting partner that can actually make it happen, then contact us.

Expansion challenges and solutions

We get calls every week from owners of independent practices and RIA firms who are looking to grow through recruiting. We hear a version of the same story over and over. It goes something like this:

A principal decides he or she is ready to take the next step in growth and wants to hire a quality financial advisor to join their practice (usually with a book to bring with them). They buy an advertisement but get few quality responses or no replies. Next, they hire anywhere from one to a handful of financial advisor recruiting firms to assist. Then they wait for flow that never comes.

Most financial advisors (with books) don't have resumes posted on job boards nor look to job boards for career options. Most recruiting firms aren't interested in aggressively recruiting for "one off" situations. Your opportunity may be 3rd or 4th on their list for mentioning to a financial advisor and most recruiting firms won't proactively call financial advisors with your firm as the primary representation.

Recruiting financial advisors is extremely challenging for even large firms with big budgets and extensive recruiting experience. It can seem daunting for an individual practice principal who is busy running their business and cannot afford to make many mistakes in the financial advisors they hire.

RJ & Makay helps provide principals with a recruiting partner that has been through this process hundreds of times with owners just like you. Our proprietary recruiting system combined with our sheer scale provides the necessary capacity to help individual principal owners in successful recruiting.

RJ & Makay offers RIA and independent practice owners:

  • Financial advisor recruiting solutions
  • Executive recruiting
  • M&A opportunities
  • Succession planning and implementation
  • Coaching and consulting